Have you ever discovered an old photograph of a loved one? Perhaps it was your grandmother's wedding portrait or a picture of youyr great-grandfather as a child. Chances are the photograph was in poor condition - cracked, faded, scratched or even torn. But it doesn't have to be that way forever.

We can restore your photo by first scanning it on our professional scanner at a high resolution, then importing scanned file into Photoshop. This is where all the magic happens. After the reconstruction of your image is complete it can then printed on a number of different papers ranging from Satin finish, Matte surface, acid free art paper, canvas etc.. All these papers produce a permanant image, not like an ink jet print which will run and fade after a year or so.

 Your new enhanced photographs will be family heirlooms that will be enjoyed by generations to come.

All restoration work is done on premises and because these heirlooms are irreplacable, your originals are handled with the respect they deserve... with much tender loving care.

Restoration jobs can be anything from taking out a stray hair, or a skin blemish or a complete
overhaul of the image.

Bring in your precious photo memories  and see what we can do for you.

Cost is based on the time it takes to accomplish the end goal. We need to see your original before a quote can be given on the project.

Restoration can also be done to different degrees. Perhaps you have a family photo that is extremely damaged, but you don't want to pay to have it completely restored. We can work on only the main areas of the image (faces etc...) and the cost would be less.

Black and white prints can be changed to sepia or even colorized!

​Sepia prints can be turned into true black and white, or colorized as well.

Go the extra mile and have us add an artistic border (see our photo border page here) or apply a photoshop filter such as an painting filter to make your final image look like a painting, or a filter to make it look like a pencil sketch, or an embossing filter to make it look etched in stone!

Sometimes your originals are in perfect condtion, but it's the only one you have and you'd like to share it with other family members. Take advantage of our professional photo copying service. We use the finest scanning techniques to repoduce your originals with the best results you'll find anywhere. Whether you need one copy or a hundred, each one wilil look as good as the original... Almost always better!

Take advantage of our in house framing services and have your restored photograph custom framed, or just mounted onto an acid free backing to keep it protected and looking professional to present to your famiily member.